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Our grape varieties

Grenache :
For our red wines, grenache lends a heady fullness and flavours of blackcurrant and rich spices. Their tannins mellow well with age, revealing delicious flavours from the surrounding “garrigue” (provencal scrub made up of rosemary and thyme) and peppery fragrances.
For our rosés, on blending with Syrah, our Grenache produces a wonderful pale colour and plenty of fruit.

Syrah :
Syrah has a distinct features, producing wines deep in colour and rich in flavor, delicate yet structured. Flavours are of red and black berry fruits –blackcurrant and raspberry with floral and spicy notes, notably liqourice and menthol.

Mourvedre :
Mourvedre is well-known for adding deep red and virtually violet colour to our red wines. This is a base for our full-bodied and well-structured wines. Tannins are tight and long lasting. When young, notes are of pear and blackberry with hints of the afore mentioned “garrigue”.
On ageing, flavours become more complex: truffle, leather and jammy fruit flavours- plum and blackberry.

Cinsault : Cinsault develops elegant and fruity flavours with very supple tannins and low acidity. At l’Amandine we have some old 40-50 year old Cinsault growing on low yielding terraced poor soils. They are an integral part of our Vins de Pays red and rosé.

Viognier :
Our Viognier with low yields, produces elegant white wines with a sweet and mellow feel. Fragrances are subtle with notes of mango, peach, pear apricot and quince. Added to this are aromas of spring flowers – violet, iris and acacia, aswell as grilled almonds.

Roussanne :
Roussanne is a fine and delicate grape that produces excellent, elegant and complex white wines developing floral notes of iris and honeysuckle.

Marsanne :
Marsanne produces powerful wines with a medium acidity. As the wines ages, it develops disctinctive floral and hazelnut flavours.

Clairette : Clairette grapes produce a fruity wine, high in alcohol content, low in acidity with a floral perfume. This is an ideal blending grape.
Bourboulenc: Bourboulenc has been grown in southern France for centuries. It provides freshness and acidity and like Clairette, produces floral aromas. The two varieties are complementary and have been blended together at l’Amandine since we started making white wines in 1983.